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We try to keep the server as clean as possible, so even the people below the age of 18 can enjoy the server. To achieve this goal we use swear-, caps- and advertisefilters. Next to the we don't take kindly to people who cyberbully the inhabitants of our server.

Everyone who is found to not follow the rules on this server, will be punished accordingly (jailtime/kick or ban) If a person gets banned from the server, he or she can do a banappeal. A banappeal can only be done once, if the appeal is granted and the person is found breaking rules again then the person will be banned permanently.


All questions (not found under information) can be sent to: weirdsplace[AT] , or on our Facebook and Twitter. We will try to answer every question as soon as possible!


Payments on this website are handled by paypal. No information provided on the paypal website will be stored on this website. All prices are in euro's, this is because the site is based in the Netherlands.

Note:Conversion table will be added later on to have a quick view to see what the price is in your own currency.

Paypal information

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What does it mean to be Verified?
A Verified seller has provided additional evidence of their identity to PayPal by passing key security checks and completing the PayPal Verification process. Verification increases the overall security of the PayPal network because most buyers prefer to do business with Verified sellers