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« on: April 14, 2012, 03:43:27 pm »

Advertising or soliciting other members to to join your server/website through this discussion forum is not permitted. Chain letters and junk mail are also strictly prohibited. Topics/posts that contain this will be both edited and locked.

Material that is knowingly illegal, abusive, threatening or harassing, is strictly prohibited. As with anything, you, as a member, should use common sense when posting. In other words, you agree not to be a jerk. Posts containing personal attacks towards another user will be edited or deleted without a warning.

You will not violate a person's privacy by publishing information against another members will, information that is private and personal. If you violate this rule, your account will be banned without warning.

Topics/posts that are just complete nonsense will be deleted, or have the entire thread locked. If you violate this rule, your account will be banned without warning.

Topics/posts containing such will be edited or deleted accordingly. If you violate this rule, your account will be banned without warning.

Material that is sexually or otherwise obscene is not permitted on these forums. Topics/posts containing such will be deleted on sight. If you violate this rule, your account will be banned without warning.

Providing or asking for information on how to illegally obtain "warez", "gamez" or any other software or work protected by copyright law is strictly forbidden. If you violate this rule, your account will be banned without warning.

Viruses, Malware and Adware
Posting links leading to viruses, malware, adware, and all a like is forbidden. At any violation of this rule, your account will be banned without warning and the thread will be edited or deleted accordingly. As a warning to our users, you should be vigilant when clicking on links and exercise the same caution as you would on other sites.

Post Pumping
If a post is suspected to serve no other purpose than to increase the post count of the poster, then the moderators may issue a PM to the member in question enquiring about the nature of the post. Posts/Threads that are blatantly post pumping will be removed/locked without warning.

Posting the same question in more than one forum is not allowed. Should this occur, then only the thread in the most relevant forum will be left open. All others will be locked and deleted.

What should I do if I see objectionable material on the forums?
It is important that members recognize the real-time nature of these forums; the moderators cannot always monitor the contents of posted messages. As such, we depend upon you to inform them when members are violating our rules. You must also recognize that they cannot respond immediately to such notices and that some time may pass before any warranted action is taken.

To contact a moderator use the "Report this post to a moderator" function or send a private message to one of the moderators.

In the attempt to create an environment where everyone is happy, the following suggestions are also recommended:

1. Use common sense. Anything that you say or do have consequences. If you find yourself questioning the nature of what you're going to post, then it's probably not safe to post it. Save yourself trouble and ourselves time, think before you post.

2. Always be civil and courteous. This forum is visited by people from all over the world of different ages, genders, and races. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Also, see Flaming, Right to Privacy, and Racism.

3. Make sure that your message topics fit the topic description of the forum that you are posting in. This is for your own benefit - for example, a question regarding a WeirdsPlace related problem will get a better (and probably quicker) response in WeirdsPlace, than it would in Chitchat.

4. Read the sticky threads at the top of each forum - they are there for a reason, and generally contain information relevant to the forum that they are in.

5. Don't quote the entire message that you're responding to, only the pertinent passage. This makes it easier to read for other users.
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