When it All Began



It was a long hard day in the mine that day, the iron ore was becoming more and more difficult to mine, his food was beginning to run low, his armour had broken, and he lost his only diamond pickaxe. Anizoo was becoming more and more fatigued as he mined, but he had not met his quota for the day. He needed to leave. Since it was night time and pouring rain, Anizoo decided he would stay the night in the castle since the princess and Anizoo were great friends. As he neared the castle, he noticed a huge arena that had not been there last week. Anizoo began to walk towards it and noticed it had a piece of papyrus nailed to the entrance. The papyrus read;

As your rightful ruler I have decided we needed some more ‘entertainment’ because my subjects and I have become restless since we have the greatest army in all of Minecraftia. What lay before you is a new justice system. Every week, any crime that can be punishable by death will be trialled here inside this very arena. Inside the arena you have two large doors with levers on either side once the accused person has entered. You have one choice of a door. Behind one door is a pack of hungry, angry, and malicious wolves, while the other door has a beautiful young woman. If you choose the door with the woman, your crime held against you will be forever dropped and you are then married to the young woman and bound with her for life, but if you choose the door with the wolves, you are as good to run and you are to stand there… for you will die.
The first ‘act’ will be held tomorrow when the sun is directly above.

Your ruler,

How can that be justice, he thought, and why is Weirdje forcing everyone to come and watch? He looked around for anyone that could explain more of why the king would want to order such an unjust form of punishment. Isn’t time in jail enough for people? “No matter,” he said “It’s not like I’d be sent in there anyway.” Anizoo started walking again towards the castle. He arrived and asked to speak to the princess. The guards allowed him in and right away the princess came over, hugged him, and gave him a luxurious room for the night. But, instead of going to his room, he went to the princess’s quarters. “Would you like to go for a walk in the castle courtyard?” Anizoo asked. “I’d be honoured.” She said with rosy cheeks. Anizoo knew he could be punished by Lord Weirdje if he was caught with his daughter, but he did not care. Anizoo wanted to be with the princess forever. He admired her silky red hair and her gorgeous green eyes as he held her hand. The princess caught Anizoo staring.

The princess stopped, as well did Anizoo. “What is it?” She said with a giggle. “Nothing, I just can’t believe you would want to be with someone who is a lower rank in the Weirdjevernment. “Nonsense,” she said “I am just flattered that someone loves me because of my father. He doesn’t like for other men to fancy me.” “I wish I could stay here with you in the castle forever.” Said Anizoo. “I know,” she said blushing “but it’s getting late now. You should go back to your room. Thank you Anizoo, you mean everything to me.” She bowed and walked off into the distance. Anizoo watched her walk inside.

Anizoo arrived back to his room to find a group of guards and the king standing inside with their weapons drawn. Then Lord Weirdje spoke, “You have fallen in love with my daughter and have taken her eyes away from the prosperity of this kingdom. I do not and will not approve of a marriage or any relationship of you and my daughter. Send him to the dungeon. You will be trialled in the arena tomorrow after our first ‘actor’ and his exciting decision.” Anizoo was speechless. He was then locked away and deprived of everything, no food, water, bed, or blanket. Anizoo’s life is now on the line between a random choice of wolves and a woman he does not love.

Tonight, was going to be a long night for Anizoo.


Anizoo awoke to the sound of a guards voice saying, “Wake up you scum. It’s your turn to receive the king’s justice. I feel sorry for you. Even more for the other guy, his fate wasn’t the greatest sight to see.” The guard had a nasty grin on his face while unchaining Anizoo. The guard then pushed him into a small room and all was quiet. It was dark, hot, and humid. Then, all of the sudden bright light and the sound of hundreds of whispering people overthrew him. He walked out to find himself in the vast arena with everyone in the kingdom staring at him. He was startled when he heard the king’s voice saying, “You have been accused of loving my daughter. For now you can finish your fate. Choose a door to open and receive your justice, naïve.”

Anizoo saw the princess next to her father; she was pale and seemed extremely nervous. Then a flicker of her right hand and a movement of her lips that only Anizoo could see.

The princess had signalled him to the right door. She knows what is behind the doors, he thought. Anizoo was either going to die, or become married to another woman. His entire fate lies in the princess’s hands. Will she allow him to live with another woman, or die to a pack of hungry wolves? He looked back at the princess and slightly smiled, then headed towards the right door. He looked back at the princess who had turned her head away. “She loves me.” He said.

The crowd was silent.

He pulled the lever.

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